When the police arrest you!

Encounter with law enforcement

We all hate it when we see a police car show up or those red and blue lights behind us. Some of us just get a ticket or a warning, but when you did something wrong or have something you shouldn't you probably will get arrested. Now the police officer says "your under arrest", places you in cuffs, and in the back of the car. Most of us have no idea what is going to happen or the type of place you going to and for how long.

Arriving at the county jail

When you arrive at the county jail after the police arrest you and the officer escorts you inside the door as your heart drops cause you have no idea who is going to be inside. Jails are never fun and you will have to go through booking including getting a bond, court date, and your cell. You sit in jail until the officers allow you to make a phone call. You immediate think who do i call to get out of here as other inmates are going crazy around you. You call your family or friends and try to find the right bail bond agent to get out of jail. Some people are able to afford post bail and some can't which those who can't remain in jail.

Getting out of jail

When you find your bondsman( hopefully us) you will begin the release process. The release process can sometimes take a hour or in some counties even longer.Once the jail has processed your released you will be escorted outside where your bondsman and your loved ones will greet you.

Home and on with your life until court

In the time that you wait for your court date to come up you meet with your attorney or go through the process of hiring one, and of course try to say out of trouble as in some cases getting a additional charge while on bond could double your bond.

Court date is here

Normally when you go to your first court date after being bonded out most cases are not settled, but continued. Pending on the charge and the situation that you have you or your attorney may settle that day, but not common.

Your trial date

Your trial date is here and your attorney presents your case as best as possible to get the best result for you. Some people are in luck and are found not guilty which means you go free and no longer held on bond, but sometimes others get sentenced including jail, fines, or probation. At that point you just have to accept you consequences and do what is required of you so you can move forward with your life.