Fugitive Recovery

What happens when you skip Bail?

Yes it does happen and you deserve to know how bail bail bonds work. Unfortunately, in the bail bond business there are some people that do skip bail. When you skip bail your bondsman or the bondsman that your bondsman gives power of attorney to will come after you. NC Bail Bond Agents are not law enforcement and under no circumstance to identify themselves as such, but they do provide a valuable service to law enforcement. NC does not recognize bounty hunters, and as bail bondsman you are responsible for going after your own fugitives. A bail bonds agent does have the right to enter your home without a warrant, and without your permission. A bail bond agent is required to do this part of the business to avoid paying out a forfeiture which could put them out of business. 

What's the right thing to do?

Of course the right answer to this is go to court and if you miss it just handle it, and don't run. Your always better to surrender yourself to the sherriff or at least surrender yourself to your bondsman as most of us have families which this is the way we provide for them by helping you.

How to avoid this from happening?

Most people would think this only happens when you don't go to court however, there are 7 other reasons a individual can be looked for by their bondsman which include:

(1) Failure to pay premium to surety or fails to pay premium payment under the agreement.

(2) changes his or her address without notifying the bondsman before address change.

(3) physically hides from bondsman.

(4) leaves the state without the permission.

(5) violates any order of the court.

(6) failure to disclose information or provides false information regarding any failure to appears, previous felony convictions in the past 10 years, and failure to disclose any pending charges in a different state.

(7) knowingly provides the bondsman with incorrect personal information, or uses a false name or alias.

Also if a defendant violates any of the following his or her premium paid to the bondsman won't be returned.