How to become a NC Bail Bondsman

Licensing Requirements

(1) Must be 21 or older.

(2) Have high school diploma or GED

(3) Be NC resident for at least 6 months.

(4) Have no outstanding bail bond obligations.

(5) Have no current or prior violations of article 71 of chapter 58 or article 26 of chapter 15A of NC general statues.

(6) Have not been disqualified to engage in bail bond business by NC or any state.

(7) Have valid NC drivers license or id issued by the DMV.

(8) Never had a felony conviction.

(9) Have no misdemeanor drug convictions with the past 24 months.

Pre- licensing class

The Pre- Licensing class is required by NC state law to qualify to be a bail bond bondsman. You must complete at least 12 hours of a pre approved class which we recommend the NC Bail Academy which offers classes in multiple cities to make it more convenient for you. There is also a state exam for bail agents which the NC Bail Academy will get you prepared for so you can pass and finally be bail bond agent.

The State Exam

The NC Bail Bondsman exam is not a hard test if you take the NC bail academy class. The test is 100 questions which requires you to score 70% to pass. Once you pass the exam you will still have to wait a few weeks before you can begin working.