North Carolina Court Information

Need to know you next court date? Did you miss your court date?

Did you forget what your date was? Is your case criminal or traffic? Do you need help finding the NC court calendar?  No problem! We are here to help with that too. When you need court information go to and follow the prompts. Did you miss your court date? Are you out on bond or no? If you missed your court date then you more than likely have a warrant for your arrest. You should contact your attorney as well as your bail bondsman(if applicable).

Got fines to pay?

Almost every time you go to court you will have to pay some fines either its associated with your charges or its just court cost. North Carolina now has a online service where you can handle your fines without taking the time in going down to the court house. Go to the same website in the other section and follow the prompts on the page.

Did you know you can verify a bail bondsman?

Another cool feature to the courts website is if you ever feel the need to verify your bondsman is legit, and able to help. Go to the same website, click on Courts, then Magistrates, then bondsman surety list query which you will have to click on it again on the left side of thee screen which will bring you to the page where you can search the electronic bondsman registry by county and pull a list of all bondsman legally able to write a bail bond.