What is a Bail Bond?

What is a bail bond?

The bail bond are defined as an undertaking by the principal to appear in court as required upon penalty of forfeiting bail to the state in a stated amount. A bail bond is set by the county magistrate and can be either secured or unsecured. An unsecured bail bond is when the magistrate sets your bail but does not require a payment. A secured bond, most commonly done by a Bail Bondsman, requires payment or collateral to be released.

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A Bail Bondsman is any person who posts bail for another person and guarantees the defendant's appearance in court by signing the bond. In North Carolina, there are three types of  bail bondsman: surety bondsman, professional bondsman, and an accommodation bondsman. A surety bondsman is an individual who is backed by a surety company (a specific type of insurance company who executes bail bonds). A professional bail bondsman is someone who is approved and licensed to post bonds with their own money and or other things in value in exchange to write a bail bond. An accommodation bail bondsman is someone who cannot charge a fee or receive any consideration for acting as a surety on a bail bond, unlike a surety bondsman or professional bondsman.The accommodation as well as the surety and professional bondsman can hold collateral until the defendants court case has a final disposition entered.

How to find a Bail Bondsman?

When the time comes and you are in need of a bail bondsman it can be stressful finding the right one. When making that decision you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the bondsman as you will have to cooperate with him until the case has a final disposition. You also want to make sure you feel your bail bondsman is trustworthy especially when you have a situation that requires you to make payments or give collateral to get your loved ones released. There are a lot of bondsmen out there, meaning you don't have to settle and don't have to feel like there are no other options. When you want the right bondsman who truly cares about helping you and takes pride in what they do, don't look any further, just call Jonathon Wright Bail Bonds at 919-885-6964 and see the difference.